I help news media and entertainment producers understand LGBTQ mental health and its impact on society.

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Dr. Lynda Spann is a frequent contributor to many news sources on the subject of LGBTQ mental health.

When a story breaks, you need a reliable, credible source that can provide dimension to a story. Too often, however, much of the dialogue in the U.S. is missing commentary from a qualified LGBTQ mental health expert.

Why is that important? Because there is a down-the-line impact on mental health not just for LGBTQ people but for their friends and family who often see misrepresentation, poor representation, or  reporting that does not take into account the full spectrum of these issues.


Further, Dr. Spann can help film and television producers create more accurate and true-to-life LGBTQ characters and storylines.

A few issues Doctor Spann can talk about:

Down the line impact on mental health with regard to:

  • Poor representation of LGBTQ Characters in Popular Media

  • The effects of Anti-LGBTQ legislation on mental health

  • The deleterious and long-term effects of hate crimes

  • The importance of proper representation in news media

  • Lesbian Couples and their Mental Health

  • The Dynamics of Lesbian Couples

  • The societal impact of strong Lesbian Couples

  • Celebrity Lesbian Couples

Dr. Spann opened her LGBTQ-focused practice in 2018, to complement her more than 23 years of experience as a marriage and couples counselor and mental health practitioner specializing in this community.

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Recent news stories where Dr. Spann has been a resource or contributor.

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